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Cons of Driving and Drinking

In the world today, one of the drugs that is commonly abused is alcohol. Besides it being parked and bottled in the most pleasing bottles, it is one of the drugs that greatly affects your nervous system, and more so your mind. In many cases, the users are involved in acts that are contrary to the law. These acts range from their family settings to other social settings. It is believed that many people in the world today do drive while intoxicated. This is mostly during the weekends and as well during the holidays, where a lot of them believe it’s the best time to enjoy. What they don’t know is that there are a lot of dangers that are associated with driving under the influence of alcohol, which they come to realize after they have actually experienced them. It is wise that you be informed of the demerits associated with DUI driving before you even think of getting behind the wheels. The following are some of the dangers associated with drinking and driving.

Increased chances of accidents is one of the demerits of driving under the influence of alcohol. Various researches that have been conducted show that many of the accidents that occur are as a result of driving under influence. Therefore, you increase your chances of getting an accident whenever you decide to drive on DUI. Due to this, one of the things that you should always avoid as a driver is DWI.

Another reason why you should consider drinking and driving is to avoid the high DWI cost. It is quite often that you will find a cop on the road who may charge you with a DUI offence whenever you are DUI/DWI driving. It is important to note that DWI cost is not a walk in the park as many of the juries do fine heavily. Additionally, you will need to hire a DUI attorney to represent you in a court of law, hence making your DWI cost to increase. Therefore, for you to ensure that you have not experienced the high DWI cost imposed by courts as fines, it is therefore important that you consider avoiding driving under influence of alcohol.

Lastly, you will be able to avoid long terms in jails, and as well win yourself good records. In most cases, DUI drivers are sent to jail where they have a likelihood of serving longer. Acquiring clearance forms from the police as well becomes difficult for them. For this reason, it is vital to note that you may be risking longer jail terms, lack of police clearance forms and as well high DWI cost. To avoid this, it is therefore important that you avoid driving and drinking.